June 11, 2013

Yes, you are at the right place.

For my first post in nearly a year, I am going to answer some pretty standard questions that some of you may have.  Hopefully, I can just link back to this post for future reference and new comers alike.

What engine are you using?
Construct 2 with CocoonJS for converting HTML5 to an APK.

Where can I try this engine for free?

When did you start this project?
Well, its been floating around in my head for years.  I finally started putting things into motion about a year ago.  After trying a few different engines (GameMaker, RPG Maker, Genesis2D, among many others) and teaching my self the concepts behind an event driven game.  I found that C2 offered the best tools for what I needed to do.  I started learning the program in early December 2012 and purchased a license in April 2013.

How do you create the graphics you are using?
I use a mix of free textures and Adobe Illustrator on my tablet. Everything else is done in Photoshop.  Most graphics are just place makers and do not represent the final product.

What's it all about?
Can't discuss that yet but there will be an official About page in the coming weeks.  You can read the storyline there.

Can I have your babies?

Here I am setting up basic character movements, collisions, tiling, and NPC names.  I am building this game with comfort and ease in mind.  Too many mobile games have clunky controls that take up half the screen.  Am I right?

July 04, 2012

Lost My Momentum

I did it.  I did exactly what I said I wasn't going to do.  I lost my momentum.  

I haven't touched my game in over a week.  Ugh, what to do, what to do.  Well, enough farting around I need to get back to designing.

I have been working on another game in my spare time.  It's sort of a comedic Mario Brothers.  I wanted to approach this project a little differently.  I am starting with the Game Design Document and working from there.  I thought this was pretty boring at first but just sitting there writing down every thing that popped into my head was amazing.  I have absolutely no idea where I am going to take Eternal Light.  Yes, I know it will be an MMORPG and yes, I know it will have a decent story line, but what else?  Without the GDD I have been jumping around every where.  From working on my enemy AI, to different camera views, to terrain features.  But its like why am I working on terrain?  I don't know where any of story will take place or what it will look like or anything.  Gah!

So the GDD, is the most important part of any game, at least for its production.  I truly believe this, now, after creating one for my Mario Brothers game.  I can start focusing on graphics and know exactly what to draw.  I know which characters I need to make.  I know which levels to create and how the scoring system will work.  The best is anyone can read it and start working on assets right away.  Its brilliant!

I really recommend this to any aspiring game designer.  The GDD will cut down on your production time significantly.  Wow, totally lost track of what I was originally going to say.  Tomorrow I will fill everyone in, well like 10 people, on what I have done so far.  Cya Soon!

June 24, 2012

First-person Camera Setup and Testing

And on the first day, Steve created heavens and the earth.

Okay, maybe its just a skybox and a simple plane, but still pretty impressive, no?  Thats actually pretty far for my first day of designing and implementation.  I started working on a projectile system, to test out spells and ranged weapons, but I completely ran out of time.  Well tomorrow I have no plans and I think I might make a build for public use.  Then everyone can see how the game is coming along, just by playing it.

I have been trying to recruit people online and some of my friends but everyone is either too lazy or a terrible speller.  I hope I can at least share this project with someone along the way.

June 23, 2012

Momentum is VITAL

 I am finding Unity to be very challenging to use, AND, I lost my Hero Engine account!

So yeah, they switched to $99 a year, which is cheap, but I just have an issue with buying things online haha.  Anyways, Unity3D, as I said before, is proving to be very challenging.  Not as bad as starting from scratch but there is a lot more programming involved.

All the stress this past week have been purely from reading.  Its like brain exercise 8 hours a day.  I was trying to learn Unity, Blender, Maya, C#, and the concepts of an MMO all at once.  Not a good idea!  I have started my own "time management" paper thing.  Basically, I write down all my major concept ideas and things I need to learn.  Then I break apart each section into smaller tasks.  Then I try to complete one at a time.  So far its going pretty good and can actually feel the momentum coming back.  One thing I refuse to lose is my momentum.  Momentum is VITAL to any indie game developer.

June 19, 2012

Switching to the Unity3D engine

I am finally back on track putting all my focus into the Eternal Light project.  When I went back to HE to log in, I was confronted with a "You must pay $100 to login!"  So, yeah I got out of there pretty fast.  One of my main goals for this game is completing the project without spending a penny.  Gotta stick to my goals!

Any way, there is a loud ass lawn mower coming my way and I gotta pick up some friends.  I will post more this evening.